Thursday, June 8, 2017

Baby #3

Gideon Timothy Eggli

Born May 21, 2017
at 1:19 in the morning
6 pounds 6 ounces
20 inches long

On Saturday morning, May 20, I had a sign that labor would be soon. That evening I started getting strong contractions, but they weren't consistent and the timing was all over the place, so I thought I was having a false labor. Around 10:30 that night, after about six hours of contractions, my contractions were very intense and were consistently 2 minutes apart lasting one minute. We realized it was indeed real labor, got to the hospital as quickly as we could, and in less than two hours (it felt way longer than that for me) our sweet Gideon was born.

Gideon has four parents instead of two; my boys adore him and mother him like crazy. It has been so sweet to see. Elijah will get up in the morning and just stare at Gideon sleeping in his crib, waiting for him to wake up so he can hold him and play with him. Elijah and Ezra always want to hold him and fight for his attention. There is no jealousy; they love their baby brother.

He is such a joy; we love him dearly! We feel so blessed to have him as a part of our family and are so grateful for him!

Monday, May 8, 2017


April was a fun and crazy month for us!

After a nice Easter Sunday, the rest of the month was full of so many family events.

We decided our big project this year would be to put in a deck. We have been in our house for six years, and we feel like we've never really enjoyed our back yard. My Dad offered to come out and help, so we said Yes! Thank you! 

James was able to take one day off of work and help Dad, and I did my best (along with Ezra) to help where I could the rest of the week. Thanks Dad! It looks great and we couldn't have done it without you!

We got another surprise when my Dad told us that him and Ian would put up a Louvered roof up for us, for free. Another Yes! Thank you Dad and Ian!

Thank you Eric for coming and helping.

We love it! It is so pretty; it doesn't feel like the same house. We can't thank everyone enough for everything!

We've been out on the deck every night enjoying the swing and the fresh air. The kids love it, too!

When we weren't working on the back yard, we got to enjoy a few family events. Eric graduated from BYU. Congratulations Eric! 

My mom and I threw Demri her baby shower. It was so fun! The only thing missing was Chelsi.

And my Dad threw Lisa a surprise 60th birthday party, with dinner and a magician show.
Great job Dad!

Elijah lost his fourth tooth. No more corn on the cob for a while!

 It was so great getting to see family again and to spend so much time with them. I had a great time working with my dad on the deck; time that I will cherish. Now that family has gone home and the big projects are done, I am doing my best to stay busy. These last couple weeks of pregnancy I am doing my best not to think about when we can meet this baby; but of course, that is all I can think about! Hopefully soon...