Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Thanksgiving Vacation

 In November we got to go out to Washington to visit family and to celebrate Thanksgiving. I'm so glad we went! Time with Dad & Lisa is never frequent enough and always too short. We always have so much fun! It was great to get that time with them and also for the kids to spend more time with and grow closer to their grandparents.

On Dad and Lisa's sailboat.

At the beach collecting shells and rocks for Dad to polish. 

On the ferry to Victoria, B.C., Canada. James and I wanted to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary with a quick trip to Canada. I'm glad Dad and Lisa joined us! We got to tour a "castle", go through the royal B.C. museum, shop, site see and eat good food. 

We were all wondering what was capturing Ezra's undivided attention for so long. It was a glass elevator.

 We stopped by a fun park so the kids could have some time to play.

It was a short, but fun trip!

The day after we go back was Thanksgiving. We went out to eat. 
I love this picture of Ezra.

Thank you Dad & Lisa for a fun week! 
(I always cry when it is time to say goodbye, and this time was no different.)

We got to spend the day and night at Ian & Kaylene's before heading home. I'm glad we got to spend time with them, but wish we had had more time. It was fun meeting Foster for the first time. What a sweet little baby.

We also got to stop by Chelsi's on our way home and spend time with her family, which was also great. My kids wish they lived closer to all of their cousins, and I do too. Maybe someday. 

Monday, August 29, 2016


In July we went to Colorado for our summer vacation. We stayed at the Angler Inn in Placerville and spent our time in Telluride and Ouray. Wow was it beautiful! 
Before checking into our Inn, we stopped at this park to let the boys play. The boys loved digging in the dirt! We'll have to get one of these.

We had dinner in Telluride that night at an amazing pizza place. We also got to witness a double rainbow.

The next day we took the free gondola from Telluride to Mountain Village, which reminded me of a little European village.

The boys loved the Gondola ride.

We then took the kids to another park, where we spent a fun afternoon playing.

It rained a lot while we were there, but we didn't let that stop us!

The Angler Inn.

Thursday we went to Ouray. First we went to Box Creek Falls. It is a neat park where you get to walk up really close to the waterfall. We also hiked up to a bridge to look over the falls.

We then went to the Bachelor Syracuse Mines. This was my favorite part of the whole trip. We took a tour through the mine which was really fun. The tour guide was great! We got to learn the history of the mine and what being a miner was like, how they mined, the dangers, etc. Afterward we got to pan for “gold” in the river. This was also really fun. I felt like a kid and could have done it all day.


We then went up to Cascade Falls.

Lastly, we stopped at a park, again, and let the kids play before returning to the Inn.
On our last day we hiked in Telluride up to Bear Creek Falls. It took us about 1.5+ hours each way with the kids. I was worried they would have a hard time finishing the hike, but they both made it. It rained for about ½ of the hike, but we put on our raincoats and kept on hiking. It was a beautiful hike!

We had such a fun trip and are so glad we went to Colorado. It was so fun exploring a new place together as a family. The pictures don't do it justice; this part of Colorado is just breathtaking!